Part-Time (25 hr) Young Adult Female Discipler/Connector (Part-time)

Purpose of Job

Specific to Discipler/Connector:

  • The primary spiritual role is 1:1 relational outreach with purpose and hope of connecting others with a church, versus serving in a teaching role (teaching team opportunities 2-3 weeks a semester).
  • Director is looking for a ministry partner that is willing to proactively contribute to ministry vision and direction for the unique demographic of Young Adult Ministry.
  • Building a well-balanced and flexible ministry team combining the Director’s gifts/skills of spontaneity, wooer, includer, arranger alongside a Coordinator with “feet on the ground” versus “reaching for the stars”. This includes multiple gifts/skills of vision, focus, discipline, structure, with the motivation and drive of an achiever who needs tangible goals related to finding ways to relationally connect others.

Need a team player that is energized by both being around people and brainstorming ideas to adapt to the needs of Young Adults. Open to healthy two-way honest evaluation of all adaptations with both celebration and constructive criticism. This person prioritizes the greater good of the overall fruitfulness of the ministry, with flexibility.

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