Coordinator of Missions and Church Planting (Full-time)

Job Family



Missions and Church Planting

Reports to

Senior Director of Missions & Church Planting

Time Requirements

Full Time



PCPC Mission

To extend the transforming presence of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in Dallas and to the world.

Job Family

Ministry-driven. Heavily interfaces with membership and volunteers; coordinates schedules, events, meetings, appointments, and trips. High level of activity and people-facilitation. Plans, directs, organizes, and coordinates resources for activities, processes, projects and/or events for department/ministry area. Critical thinking and judgment required. Advanced people skills and solid data-base skills required.

Purpose of Job

Provide admin/coordinator support for the Senior Director of Missions & Church Planting with a heart for missions and a calling to serve. Support strategic work and perform tactical duties. Perform all PCPC work to the glory of God.

Core Responsibility

PRAY for the church, leaders, and each other. ABIDE in Christ. MODEL Christ-like behavior.

Individual Job Responsibilities

Abide in Christ

  • dependent, abiding relationship with Christ personally expressed through the Five Statements of Identity.

(30%) Provide Admin/Coordinator Support to Senior Director of Missions & Church Planting

  • Provide proactive administrative assistance to the Senior Director of Missions & Church Planting; exhibit a degree of independence and accountability for results
  • Facilitate the efficient utilization of the senior director’s time by coordinating calendar appointments, meetings, events, trips, luncheons, etc., with individuals and groups (be aware of and account for time zones); proactively recommend appointments that may be important to the senior director
  • Perform general clerical and admin tasks including typing, copying, filing, scanning, reserving rooms, etc.
  • Plan extensive and cost effective international travel arrangements for the senior director and for others
  • Prepare trip reconciliations
  • Oversee the management of department files
  • Proactively share ideas/recommendations with the senior director; anticipate needs; forecast possible situations of concern or challenges; keep senior director well informed of details and team dynamics
  • Be proactive in assisting with and obtaining reports/updates/notes and other necessary documentation from M&CP staff
  • Assist in preparation of documents for senior director’s teaching sessions (i.e., create/design Power Point slides for presentations, handouts, etc.)
  • Maintain credit card reconciliations each month for the senior director

(10%) Serve as Primary Contact, Advocate, and Voice for the M&CP Office and Senior Director

  • Serve as resource to team members, church members, M&CP Executive Committee, and others on staff for questions related to M&CP initiatives and processes
  • Promote a positive image of PCPC and the M&CP Ministry by greeting and receiving visitors to the senior director’s office and to the M&CP office area
  • Facilitate communication and build rapport with ministry partners and volunteers via phone calls, notes, cards, e-mail, etc.
  • Facilitate interaction with other churches and mission organizations in order to maintain connections with the larger Missions community
  • Facilitate interaction with other PCPC ministries, so that they have opportunities to engage with M&CP
  • Facilitate relationships with PCPC-supported RUF chapters, church plants, and other U.S. based ministries
  • Collaborate with other ministries to facilitate and coordinate special mission projects
  • Respond in a timely manner to routine questions that arise during daily operations of the ministry

(5%) Provide Creative Support to Senior Director of M&CP in Shaping the Vision and Direction of the Ministry

  • Think creatively about visuals and communication pieces for the M&CP vision; proactively make suggestions on how to move the vision forward through these means
  • Help draft detailed plans for church planting
  • Generate reports required to analyze ministry goals
  • Assist in development and maintenance of policies and procedures for M&CP

(15%) Provide Support for the M&CP Executive Committee and Other Working teams

  • Serve as liaison between senior director and committee members and/or PCPC staff by communicating decisions, gathering and providing information, answering questions, and/or directing individuals to appropriate contact person(s)
  • Schedule regular meetings with individual committee members as needed
  • Support working teams through complex scheduling, reserving rooms, coordinating catering, preparing handouts, generating reports, inviting guests, attending meetings, recording, preparing, disseminating, and maintaining minutes
  • Oversee working team documentation and files
  • Prepare and disseminate confidential documents and information to leadership
  • Take minutes at meetings

(10%) Provide Assistance with Admin/Coordinator Support to PCPC Missionaries

  • Contribute to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds
  • Assist in tracking the progress of those interested in being missionaries according to the THRIVE Missionary Development Process
  • Interface and build rapport with missionaries
  • Assist in maintaining relationships and scheduling contact with missionaries
  • Occasional coordination of small international vision trips for those considering serving on mission field
  • Coordinate with missionaries going before the Session for prayer
  • Coordinate meetings for the senior director with various missionaries when they are in town; coordinate meetings via phone calls when missionaries are out of town
  • Coordinate with Missionary Care Coordinator on a regular basis

(15%) Provide Admin/Coordinator Assistance to M&CP Department

  • Maintain department-wide calendar of vacations, events, and important meetings
  • Coordinate the flow of incoming communications and outgoing communications by receiving, routing, and/or responding to incoming communications
  • Oversee Seminary Students Fund
  • Provide administrative support to the Lao Presbyterian Fellowship and LPF translator
  • Keep track of Part-Time M&CP employee timesheets and submit to HR
  • Coordinate flow of resources and information within the ministry
  • Assist M&CP office with work load when needed
  • Prepare for M&CP staff meetings by suggesting and prepping agenda with senior director
  • Maintain M&CP annual events calendar
  • Help keep track of possible end-of-year one-time gifts for various mission partners and individuals
  • Work with others in the department to oversee tracking of PCPC member involvement and interest in the Arena database; maintain and update data in Arena database (code volunteers, note member participation, update missionary and mission agency contact information, etc.)
  • Assist the Coordinator for Missionary Care & Ministry Events with events as needed
  • Serve as M&CP liaison to PCPC Session to schedule missionaries and short-term teams for prayer and ministry updates at Session meetings
  • Prepare the annual PCA Report for Missions Ministry

(15%) Coordinate Department Communications

  • Work with others in the department to oversee publicity for M&CP events including announcements, brochures, fliers, posters, banners, sign-up sheets, etc.
  • Coordinate publicity of Missions activities and service opportunities through PCPC communication channels and beyond (This Week, Sunday Morning Communities, videos, bulletins, literature racks, tables, website, Facebook, M&CP blog, Remember the Nations Newsletter, bulletin boards, pulpit announcements, Kingdom Moments, etc.)
  • Actively suggest stories to M&CP team and maintain schedule for Remember the Nations e-newsletter
  • Engage creatively with others in the department to suggest and facilitate improvements to communication
  • Work with others in the department to coordinate and compile resources for presenting M&CP in the PCPC New Members class
  • Assist in developing creative communication for the department, which includes occasional recruiting of writers for articles
  • Proactively maintain the M&CP website, Missions pages, Facebook, blog, etc.

Education and Experienced Required

College degree preferred. Five years related work experience or equivalent required. Broad-based experience in document preparation, meeting/travel coordination, and project/program support is also required. Able to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office, spreadsheets, and presentation software. PCPC membership is preferred.

  • Must be resourceful, efficient, and well-organized
  • Must possess and exhibit a strong work ethic
  • Must be able to keep confidences, take initiative, give attention to detail, and be dedicated to accuracy
  • Adeptness to multi-tasking while maintaining various schedules and managing administrative tasks with minimal supervision
  • Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Must possess a precise command of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and correct usage of the English language
  • Must be comfortable being a part of a dynamic, relational, and ambitious team with vision and Kingdom purpose

Job Complexity

  • Must understand the role of the Missions & Church Planting’s office and how it interfaces with and impacts other departments and ministries
  • Must be able to effectively interact with lay leaders, church members, missionaries, mission partners, and staff with a friendly demeanor and positive attitude
  • Must possess ability to work cross culturally
  • Daily work requires strong sense of discretion and professionalism

Work Environment

  • Normal office and church environment
  • Standard office hours and days
  • Highly relational and people intensive
  • High volume workload
  • Christ-centered

How to apply

Please email your cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Please note the job for which you are applying in the email. Thank you.