Part-Time (25 hr) Young Adult Female Discipler/Connector (Part-time)

Job Family



Young Adults Ministry

Reports to

Director of Young Adult Ministry

Time Requirements

Part Time



PCPC Mission

To extend the transforming presence of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in Dallas and to the world.

Job Family

Ministry-driven; heavily interfaces with membership and coordinates volunteer schedules; high level of activity and people-facilitation. Plans, directs, organizes, and coordinates resources for activities, processes, projects, and events for department/ministry area. Advanced people skills and solid database skills required.

Specific to Discipler/Connector: Young Adult Ministry coordination/discipling. A highly relational individual who connects young adult women to the life of PCPC through Sunday Morning Communities and Wednesday evening Young Women’s bible studies. Implements strategy, direction, and set objectives in partnership with Director of Young Adults. Leads female, young adults through teaching (2-3 times a semester) and shepherding; mentors, equips, and disciples young women in the PCPC Young Adults Ministry. Assist in the recruiting and training of volunteers.

Purpose of Job

Specific to Discipler/Connector:

  • The primary spiritual role is 1:1 relational outreach with purpose and hope of connecting others with a church, versus serving in a teaching role (teaching team opportunities 2-3 weeks a semester).
  • Director is looking for a ministry partner that is willing to proactively contribute to ministry vision and direction for the unique demographic of Young Adult Ministry.
  • Building a well-balanced and flexible ministry team combining the Director’s gifts/skills of spontaneity, wooer, includer, arranger alongside a Coordinator with “feet on the ground” versus “reaching for the stars”. This includes multiple gifts/skills of vision, focus, discipline, structure, with the motivation and drive of an achiever who needs tangible goals related to finding ways to relationally connect others.

Need a team player that is energized by both being around people and brainstorming ideas to adapt to the needs of Young Adults. Open to healthy two-way honest evaluation of all adaptations with both celebration and constructive criticism. This person prioritizes the greater good of the overall fruitfulness of the ministry, with flexibility.

Individual Job Responsibilities

Abide in Christ

  • Dependent, abiding relationship with Christ personally expressed through the Five Statements of Identity.

Ministry Leadership (20%)

  • Help develop and articulate vision for specific lay involvement.
  • Recruit lay leaders to serve on ministry leadership teams.
  • Disciple and shepherd young adult women at PCPC.

Ministry Outreach (20%)

  • Vision Implementation – Implementation of ministry vision to the community at large. Connecting un-churched young adults to the church.
  • Leadership Development – Raising up and growing new leaders; includes meeting with current leadership team.
  • Work with leadership team in coordinating social gatherings geared to the at large young adult population at PCPC.

Shepherding (20%)

Small Groups
  • Work with Director of Small Groups in connecting young women to open small groups.
  • Assimilate female young adults into existing groups.
Sunday Morning Communities
  • Work with PCPC pastors to engage female young adults through Sunday Morning Communities.
  • Work with Sunday Morning Community leadership teams in connecting female young adults to various ministry and community opportunities within the Young Adults Ministry.

Equipping (20%)

  • Service – Equip young adults in using their gifts to serve the church and surrounding community through the many existing opportunities at PCPC.

Linkage to PCPC Women’s Ministry (20%)

  • Serve as a direct link of Women’s Ministry to the Young Adult Ministry.
  • Regularly participate in Women’s Ministry team meetings and the weekly Young Women’s Bible study.
  • Serve on teaching team with Young Adults Wednesday PM Bible study 2-3 weeks a semester

Education and Experienced Required

College degree, Ministry experience as a staff member or volunteer and PCPC Member required. Biblical, reformed theology education preferred, but not required. Seminary preferred, but not required.

Qualifications - Competencies

Core Competencies for ALL employees

Exhibits Servant Attitude

Strives to serve others with excellence; goes the extra mile; exhibits a servant attitude while working with a demanding and ever-changing schedule; completes the daily tasks of his job with the understanding that what he does is honoring unto the Lord and is, in fact, a ministry in itself

Individual Contribution to Teamwork

As a team member, this individual understands the importance of teamwork; contributes to his/her ministry team and other ministry teams to develop and achieve collaborative agreed upon outcomes; respects, encourages, and honors team members; leverages the skills and interests of coworkers to achieve goals and solve problems; supports team decisions

Interpersonal Skills & Conflict Resolution

Approachable; connects well with others; solicits feedback; handles criticism with grace, wisdom, and maturity; encourages direct, honest, and productive dialogue; does not avoid conflict; seeks to find mutually agreeable solutions to problems; seeks peaceful outcomes in all situations

Ability to Communicate Effectively

Communicates well both verbally and in writing; listens attentively; makes others feel respected and valued in discussions; conveys organized thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely; is direct, but graciously tactful; communicates progress and appropriately informs others

Job Knowledge, Ability to Learn & Professional Growth

Possesses necessary skills and job knowledge; understands job responsibilities and how they impact ministry goals and overall church vision; keeps knowledge and skills current; is a pro-active learner; overcomes obstacles; needs very little time to learn and master new processes or tools; learns quickly from mistakes 


Targets and achieves results; see a need or opportunity and appropriately initiates change; adapts to change and is flexible; is open to new ideas; adjusts plans to meet changing needs

Functional Competencies for Coordinators

Demonstrates Initiative

Is a self-starter; generates new ideas to improve ministry area(s); anticipates problems and follows through with supporting action without being prompted

Judgment & Objectivity

Able to assess situations accurately and make a confident and knowledgeable decision in the absence of his/her immediate supervisor; able to recognize and forecast challenges and/or problems; has the ability to make decisions on a systematic review of relevant facts and information; elevates concerns or problems to immediate supervisor and/and or pastoral leadership when necessary; able to see issues from multiple perspectives and prioritize tasks and/or actions accordingly

Management of Resources

Accurately estimates resources and time required to complete tasks and/or projects; identifies and secures resources needed to complete tasks and initiatives; makes efficient use of resources; able to work effectively and manage resources with limited or partial information; keeps immediate supervisor/pastoral leadership well informed regarding management of resources and/or problems that arise

Coordinates Ministry & Project Activities

Keeps current on project status; makes sure people are aware of project status and what they need to do to keep things moving; redirects project resources and activities to overcome setbacks; elevates project concerns to senior levels of leadership when appropriate. Plans, directs, organizes, and coordinates resources for activities, processes, projects, and/or events for department/ministry area; drives projects to completion.

Job Complexity

  • Participate in the development and implementation of the Young Adult Ministry
  • Teambuilding within the Young Adult Ministry
  • Develop personal leadership style and assist in the training and development of Young Adult Ministry lay leaders

Work Environment

  • Work is based on relationships and needs of Young Adult Ministry
  • Varied office hours and day determined by Director of Young Adult Ministry
  • Highly relational and people intensive
  • Christ-centered

How to apply

Please email your cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Please note the job for which you are applying in the email. Thank you.