Director of Communications Ministry (Full-time)

Job Family




Reports to

Executive Director

Time Requirements

Full Time



PCPC Mission

To extend the transforming presence of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in Dallas and to the world.

Job Family

Leads and influences staff and/or lay people. Strategic and tactical decision maker with single operational/ministry influence or ministry services influence. Aligns ministry goals with church vision and direction. Responsible for administration of operational/ministry area or oversight of multifaceted specialty areas. Accountable for ministry or specialty areas results/outcomes. Often serves as intermediary between coordinators, ministry leaders, and lay leaders. Provides staff and/or volunteer leadership and accountability for a specific operational or ministry area. Expert in field of responsibility. Evokes followership.

Purpose of Job

Lead the Communications Ministry and related functional areas to effectively support growing PCPC ministries through strong strategic planning, project management (internally and externally), and team leadership and management skills. Proactively and collaboratively work with senior leadership and each ministry department to develop an overall communication strategy in line with PCPC’s mission, vision, and strategy. Direct the vision, strategy, organization, and oversight of telling PCPC’s story of fruitfulness and spiritual impact using the most effective technologies appropriate to PCPC’s culture and classical, innovative style. Develop and maintain brand standards. Serve as “editor-in-chief” to ensure all communications accurately reflect the vision, theology, and policies of the Session, Senior Pastor, and/or Executive Director. Extend PCPC preaching and teaching beyond the walls of the church by communicating via multiple venues to the congregation, community, and world.  Main influencer of a culture of excellence, service, and support. Perform all PCPC work to the glory of God.

Individual Job Responsibilities

Abide in Christ

  • Lead ministry from thriving, dependent, and abiding relationship with Christ personally expressed through the Five Statements of Identity.

Overall ministry vision and strategic leadership

  • Develop and recommend to senior leadership a vision for effectively communicating PCPC’s story in a compelling, relevant, fresh, and real-time way. Develop a vision for consistently communicating PCPC’s Five Identity Statements in line with PCPC’s mission, vision, and strategy. Work collaboratively with senior leadership to refine and execute the vision for Communications Ministry.
  • Proactively develop and implement an annual communications strategy for working as a consultant, coach, and developer with each ministry area to tell their story of fruitfulness and spiritual impact; provide alternatives and counsel in developing messages for the body. Evaluate annually for changes.
  • Direct the design, creativity, and innovation of all current communication environments.
    • Serve as “editor-in-chief” for all communications across multiple communication venues including publications, e-ministry, audio ministry, internet ministry, CD ministry, public relations, and advertising.
    • Direct the migration of PCPC’s communication from print to digital.
    • Oversee development and execution of an effective web and social media strategy.
    • Refine external communication to effectively reach Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, and other demographic audiences.
    • Oversee and direct photography and videography needs for all PCPC events and activities.
    • Develop/engage relevant volunteer teams including photography, writing, videography, social media, et al.
  • Direct the design, creativity, and innovation of all future communication environments.
    • Lead media and technology planning for new facilities.
    • Develop and manage educational technology in classrooms and other environments.
    • Evaluate and adjust strategy regularly by assessing web and social media platform analytics.

Team leadership and organizational oversight

  • Manage the communications staff and lead them through annual planning, priorities, goal setting, and personal development.

Brand management

  • Oversee rebranding project for PCPC.
  • Implement and steward PCPC’s brand. Assure the “voice” of PCPC accurately represents overall mission, vision, and strategy.
  • Create and distribute news releases as needed; act as spokesperson for PCPC to media.

Project management – internally and externally

  • Effectively plan, prioritize, and manage projects within Communications Ministry that support the work of ministry departments.
  • Develop and manage consulting and outsourcing relationships.
  • Manage advertising and media relations including designing, contracting, and delivering standing and seasonal ads for PCPC and newspaper ads for each ministry.
  • Manage contracted work with outside vendors (various printers, mail handlers, etc.).
  • Facilitate capacity for growth in consulting and outsourcing relationships for project-related expertise and timeline acceleration on an “as needed” basis (i.e., graphic design, videography, web design, social media, etc.)

Financial Oversight & Stewardship

  • Aligns ministry budget goals and outcomes with overall PCPC vision; respects and handles all resources as sacred to the Lord; plans realistically for and makes highest and best use of financial resources; works within ministry budget throughout the fiscal year; looks for ways to reduce costs and avoids waste
  • Tracks and properly accounts for expenditures; provides receipts and submits monthly credit card reconciliations to Accounting by established deadlines

Education and Experienced Required

College degree required. Agency background strongly preferred. Five plus years of experience leading/managing a team. Experience in writing, editing, proofing, and overseeing a creative production process. Extensive knowledge of PCPC’s theology, philosophy, vision, and goals. Proficient with multiple software applications, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite, Mac environment, and evolving web applications. Relationship with PCPC as a member preferred.


  • Highly relational bridge-builder in working relationships, seen as advocate and champion for ministry
  • Technologically astute and savvy
  • Primary influencer of church culture through positive, effective ministry reporting, and promotion
  • Primary contributor to staff culture through highly collaborative interaction and support
  • Strong advocate and support for senior leadership

Qualifications - Competencies

Ability to Communicate Effectively

Communicates well both verbally and in writing; listens attentively; makes others feel respected and valued in discussions; conveys organized thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely; is direct, but graciously tactful; communicates progress and appropriately informs others

Action Oriented

Targets and achieves results; sees a need or opportunity and appropriately initiates change; adapts to change and is flexible; is open to new ideas; adjusts plans to meet changing needs

Exhibits Servant Attitude

Strives to serve others with excellence; goes the extra mile; exhibits a servant attitude while working with a demanding and ever-changing schedule; completes the daily tasks of his/her job with the understanding that what he/she does is honoring unto the Lord and is a ministry in itself

Individual Contribution to Teamwork

As a team member, understands the importance of teamwork; contributes to his/her ministry team and other ministry teams to develop and achieve collaborative agreed upon outcomes; respects, encourages, and honors team members; leverages the skills and interests of coworkers to achieve goals and solve problems; supports team decisions

Interpersonal Skills & Conflict Resolution

Approachable; connects well with others; solicits feedback; handles criticism with grace, wisdom, and maturity; encourages direct, honest, and productive dialogue; does not avoid conflict; seeks to find mutually agreeable solutions to problems; seeks peaceful outcomes in all situations

Job Knowledge, Ability to Learn & Professional Growth

Possesses necessary skills and job knowledge; understands job responsibilities and how they impact ministry goals and overall church vision; keeps knowledge and skills current; is a pro-active learner; overcomes obstacles; needs very little time to learn and master new processes or tools; learns quickly from mistakes

Judgment and Decision Making

Able to recognize problems; gathers all facts; sorts through complex issues with prayer and wisdom; seeks input and counsel from others; able to make difficult decisions and communicate decisions directly to all involved parties in a timely manner

Management of Resources

Accurately estimates resources and time required to complete tasks and/or projects; identifies and secures resources needed to complete tasks and initiatives; makes efficient use of resources; able to work effectively and manage resources with limited or partial information; keeps immediate supervisor/pastoral leadership well informed regarding management of resources and/or problems that arise

Manages and/or Coordinates Ministry & Project Activities

Manages and/or coordinates ministry and project goals, milestones, and procedures; accurately estimates resources and time required to complete tasks and/or projects; identifies and secures resources needed to complete tasks and initiatives; communicates ministry and project goals, timelines, and milestones; lets people know what they need to accomplish; identifies project interdependencies and potential resource constraints; follows up with others to ensure they are on track to meet ministry and project goals

Team Management (Staff, Lay Leaders and/or Volunteers)

Inspires and facilitates team members; enhances morale; involves team members in planning stages; considers team members’ ideas and suggestions; manages progress of team members; helps build team confidence and strong team rapport; sets challenging and productive goals for ministry team; keeps team accountable for actions; provides resources and support; turns team diversity into an advantage

Job Complexity

  • Essential participant in planning with other departments and ministries (church-wide)
  • Work has a 12-month planning and budget with alignment to vision for the church
  • Requires project management approach, effective managerial/organizational skills, and alignment with ministry goals
  • Interfaces with multiple committees

Work Environment

  • Normal office and church environment
  • Non-standard office hours and days
  • Highly relational and people-intensive
  • Function driven (Communications) with significant ministry work requirements
  • Christ-centered

How to apply

Please email your cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Please note the job for which you are applying in the email. Thank you.