Ministry Leader of Nursery & Childcare (Full-time)

Job Family

Ministry Leader


Families and Community

Reports to

Director of Children's Ministry

Time Requirements

Full Time



PCPC Mission

To extend the transforming presence of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in Dallas and to the world.

Job Family

Single ministry oversight. Establishes strategy, determines direction and sets objectives; responsible for outcomes.  Usually teaches Bible studies and/or Sunday school classes; mentors, equips and disciples. Provides staff and/or volunteer leadership and accountability; usually recruits and trains volunteers.

Purpose of Job

Purpose of Job

Provide oversight of the Nursery (birth to children turning 2 by Sept 1) and Childcare Ministry. Coordinate Nursery and Childcare Ministry as an integral part of the overall Children's Ministry. Recruit, train, andpartner with teams of passionate adults, parents, and youth volunteers who will disciple children in a Gospel-centered ministry and put the vision of the Children's Ministry into action for Sunday morning programs. Create accountable goals for Nursery that are directly linked to the goals of the Children's Ministry and Family Ministry. Develop a system for volunteer retention and training, assist in fostering community among volunteers, adhere to Children’s Ministry policies and procedures including PCPC Safety System, and plan strategic events aligned with the overall goals of the Children's and Family Ministries, and PCPC.

Coordinate temporary or part-time staff for Childcare for all church events other than Sunday Morning. Supervise childcare events during normal business hours outside of Sunday mornings. Train and manage childcare supervisors when the Ministry Leader is not available for an event to properly care for children, to oversee childcare workers, to assist families, and to adhere to Children’s Ministry policies and procedures. Train, coordinate, and supervise childcare workers on effective care of children and adherence to Children’s Ministry policies and procedures. Partner with PCPC Ministries to determine childcare needs and assist in aligning PCPC ministries with Children’s Ministry policies and procedures. Communicate with sitting services when needed to find and hire childcare workers. Create accountable goals that are in line with the Children's Ministry and PCPC. Perform all PCPC work to the glory of God.

Individual Job Responsibilities

A. Abide in Christ

  • Dependent, abiding relationship with Christ personally expressed through the Five Statements of Identity
  • Attend worship services
  • Active participation in the PCPC community

B. (30%) Sunday Morning Program Coordination

  • Ensure inviting, stimulating, secure, and safe teaching areas for Sunday Morning program and activities.
  • Be very active and present on Sunday mornings to welcome visitors, oversee, direct, and assist volunteers, and minister to parents and children.
  • Review and select age-appropriate music and curriculum to be used in Nursery Ministry under the supervision of the Director of Children’s Ministry.
  • Effectively communicate with volunteers to serve at 9:30 am and 11:00 am hours.
  • Ensure that sufficient supplies, curriculum materials, snacks, and equipment for all Nursery classes are provided on Sunday morning.
  • Ensure weekly attendance rosters are accurate.
  • Empower room leaders, volunteers, and Red Desk coordinators to enforce Children’s Ministry policies and procedures.
  • Provide direction and training to Red Desk workers to welcome and assist children, families, and visitors on a Sunday morning, and to assist with volunteers in the classroom.

C. (30%) Sunday Morning Program Leadership

  • Align Nursery Ministry’s outcomes with PCPC’s vision.
  • Leverage individual work effort to fully integrate with the Children’s and Family Ministry goals with the Director of Children’s Ministry.
  • Meet regularly with the Director of Children’s Ministry to discuss and evaluate ministry.
  • Help create intentional times for growth for volunteers through prayer and community.
  • Coordinate with room leaders on identifying potential volunteers for further training, volunteer development, and leadership opportunities.
  • Purpose to be intentional and strategic with volunteers as it pertains to the volunteer cycle (identify, recruit, train, retain, celebrate, and assess) in collaboration with the Preschool and Elementary Ministry leaders and under the guidance of the Director of Children’s Ministry.
  • Establish training schedule/program for volunteers regarding safety, curriculum, logistics, and effective age-appropriate tools/methods for teaching and learning.
  • Perform administrative tasks related to volunteers.
  • Collaborate with the Children’s Ministry staff to develop a spiritual map for families and children coming through the ministry that is in alignment with Family Ministry values and vision.
  • Assist in the development of new or regular program initiatives, outside of Sunday morning, with the Children’s Ministry Team, which includes but not limited to monthly activities and seasonal family events.
  • Serve with Preschool and Elementary team to accomplish Sunday morning Children’s Ministry goals; have team goals as well as individual contributor objectives.

D. (25%) Childcare Coordination

  • Ensure inviting, stimulating, secure, and safe teaching areas for childcare programs.
  • Review and select age-appropriate music and curriculum to be used when desired or necessary for childcare programs.
  • Ensure that sufficient supplies, curriculum materials, snacks, and equipment for all childcare programs are provided.
  • Manage and update attendance roster for events and programs.
  • Solely responsible for results for childcare (birth to Kindergarten) that contribute to Children’s Ministries outcomes.
  • Interface with other ministries to determine their childcare needs.
  • Hire, train, and oversee temporary or part-time childcare staff, including weekday, weeknight, and weekend supervisors, supporting all church programs and events. This may include working with a sitter agency when necessary.
  • Adhere and enforce all Children’s Ministry policies and procedures (this includes PCPC Safety System).

E. (15%) Financial and Administration

  • Align, implement, and maintain Nursery and Childcare with Children’s Ministry policies and procedures as well as PCPC policies and procedures. Establish further polices and procedures when necessary.
  • Review safety policies and procedures annually and conduct annual safety checks.
  • Work with the Director of Children’s Ministry to create and manage Nursery and Childcare budget.
  • Steward resources well and be aware of financial program needs.
  • Provide input regarding Nursery and Childcare programs and needs for budget.

Manage childcare reservations, cancellations, and room assignment for all events. Provide room assignment needs by event and date to the Coordinator for Children’s Ministry in a timely manner for room reservations.

Education and Experienced Required

College degree required. Four years or more of experience working in Children’s Ministry or equivalent, or experience and education in the field of adolescent development or early childhood education. Proficient in Microsoft Office. Experience with Arena database system a plus, but not required. PCPC membership required.

Job Complexity

  • Heavy involvement with volunteers, church members and visitors.
  • Work has 12-month planning and budget focus with alignment with Children’s Ministry goals.
  • Requires effective managerial and organizational skills.
  • Must be able to build relationships with families, parents, volunteers, and the body of PCPC.
  • Must be attentive to detail, able to multi-task, take initiative, and pursue excellence.
  • Must be willing to try and fail and try again.
  • Must adhere and affirm the Westminster Confession and the Reformed Faith.
  • Accountable to Children’s Ministry team and leadership.
  • Develop personal leadership style and assist in the training and development of lay leaders.
  • Possess great communication skills.
  • Solid listening skills.
  • Emotionally healthy person with proven relational gifts and ability to gracefully deal with conflict.

Work Environment

  • Normal office and church environment.
  • Ministry driven with significant ministry work requirements.
  • Highly relational and people intensive.
  • Christ-centered.
  • Office hours will be held with flex-time built in for events, special programs, and new initiatives.
  • Sunday morning attendance and presence is required for this position.

How to apply

Please email your cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Please note the job for which you are applying in the email. Thank you.