Senior Admin Assistant to Music & Arts and Chancel Choir (Full-time)

Job Family

Senior Administrative Assistant


Music and Arts

Reports to

Senior Director of Music & Arts

Time Requirements

Full Time



PCPC Mission

To extend the transforming presence of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in Dallas and to the world.

Job Family

The scope of the job encompasses a department or ministry area with large staff or large ministry members. The position performs directed and self-initiated tasks for a department or ministry. Provides administrative and support services for the ministry/department leader as well as for the department as a whole. High level of critical thinking and judgment. Able to prioritize among competing responsibilities and demands. A high degree of flexibility necessary. Ability to interface with senior leaders and a variety of personalities to accomplish department goals. High-energy, self-starter, and resilient. Advanced proficiencies required in job competencies. Advanced people skills and solid database skills required. Exhibit a degree of independence and accountability for results.

Purpose of Job

Provide administrative support for the Music & Arts Ministry and the Director of Music & Arts. Serve as “Choir Mom” and provide admin support for the Chancel Choir. Work requires initiative, detail orientation, dedication to accuracy, and multi-tasking. Provide backup for the Coordinator for Music & Arts Ministry, when needed. Perform all PCPC work to the glory of God.

Individual Job Responsibilities

Provide Admin Support for Music & Arts Ministry

  • Assist in planning, coordinating, and/or hosting special events/concerts as directed by the Senior Director and/or Director of Music & Arts as well as assist in coordinating flow of resources and activities within the ministry
  • Assist Senior Director in communicating with the choir via email or print
  • Pay employee musicians who participate in worship services or special events as directed by Senior Director using the payroll tool
  • Schedule/facilitate piano maintenance for concerts, Arts Academy recitals, and periodical maintenance as needed for all pianos; promptly submit approved invoices to Accounting
  • Carefully proof the Sunday bulletin, Memorial Service bulletins, and concert/event bulletins
  • Respond to routine questions that arise during daily operations of the ministry
  • Support Children’s and Youth Choirs by creating post cards, name badges, robe labels, and maintaining MinistryPlatform database registration for each choir member (August-April)
  • Assist in setup and cleanup of end-of-year Choir Celebration lunch and program (May)
  • Assist Coordinator with the Advent Memorial service and Christmas Poinsettia Project, if needed
  • Serve in rotation schedule for Sunday morning visual verification of sanctuary platform set-up and of choir room 300 (bulletins, hymn sheets, and information needed for Sunday morning services are in place)

Provide Admin Support for Chancel Choir

  • From late August to early July the choir meets weekly and sings every Sunday.
  • Serve as the “Choir Mom”; get to know the choir members and make new members feel welcome
  • Track singers’ attendance as it ebbs and flows as well as provide coordination of care (e.g. flowers, meals, etc.) to choir members in need
  • Create weekly “Choir Notes” handout that the choir receives every Wednesday evening when they arrive for rehearsal at 7:00 pm. This document contains information from the Senior Director pertaining to: music rehearsal guide, announcements, prayer requests, devotional piece, upcoming choir events and schedule, etc.
  • Maintain robing/slot list; assign new members a robe/slot
  • Maintain active/inactive choir members lists in MinistryPlatform
  • Maintain set-up for room in EMS for Wednesday and Sunday mornings; confirm reservations in EMS for any special rehearsals throughout the year as they are scheduled
  • Maintain Chancel Choir Handbook and Choir Directory; update and distribute to new choir members
  • Provide administrative support for Chancel Choir’s special events (retreats, parties, concerts, dress rehearsals for concerts, Easter Sunday schedule, etc.); confirm reservations in EMS; publicize dates and times to choir members. Attend and help at events.
  • Send weekly email to choir through MinistryPlatform, which, in part contains a pdf copy of the week’s Choir Notes- Create weekly hymn sheets for the choir to use in worship
  • Keep robing room tidy and in order
  • For Easter and Christmas concerts, take minutes for concert planning meetings; distribute to individuals participating in the meeting; follow-up on tasks after planning meeting
  • For Easter, Spring Concert and Christmas concerts, maintain music in choir members’ folders; prepare guest singers folders, assign guest robes, create seating cards

Provide Admin Support for Children's and Youth Choirs

  • Provide necessary administrative support for the Children’s and Youth choirs until a permanent Children’s Choir Director is hired, including but not limited to registering singers, creating attendance documents, name tags, robe assignment, etc.
  • Support interim Choir Directors by communicating with parents on a weekly basis and through newsletters when appropriate
  • Assist interim Directors when the children participate in worship or in concerts by helping with robes, processing, waiting in hallways, assigning seats in the Sanctuary, siting with children. Help the interim Director similarly on Wednesday afternoon choir rehearsals and during the Christmas concerts
  • Help interim Directors before, during and between Christmas concert performances with music, robes, processing, meal supervision, video, etc.

Manage Choral Library for Chancel and Chamber Choirs

  • Enter new music into music database; stamp, number, label, box, and file
  • Pick up Sunday’s music from baskets and choir slots, put in numerical order, and return to box and file

Provide Administrative Support to the Director of Music & Arts

  • Schedule appointments with brides to meet with the Director of Music & Arts
  • Perform admin duties including typing, copying, filing, scanning, proofing, scheduling meetings, reserving rooms, and setting appointments
  • Calendar appointments for the Director of Music & Arts, if needed

Serve as Liaison & Provide Support for Ushers

  • Serve as staff liaison for ushers, communicating information to them as needed via email (per request from Executive Director)
  • Assist in recruiting new volunteers
  • Update and maintain usher lists in Ministry Platform
  • Create and provide name tags to ushers when needed
  • Collect weekly headcount from worship services (via email from head usher); input information into Excel spreadsheet report
  • Provide monthly Excel spreadsheet report to database office for monthly statistical reports and annually for Presbytery report; spreadsheet provides information needed for the Presbyterian annual report Recruit and train volunteers for “Pew Crew” for the restocking of materials located in church pews

Event Support

  • Participate in "All Hands-on-Deck" events such as concerts including set-up, break-down, sign creation, pew reservation, greeting guests, artist meals, or other support tasks as needed

Education and Experienced Required

PCPC member preferred but not required. College degree preferred. Five years related work experience or equivalent required. Proficient in Microsoft Office. Proficient in InDesign and Ministry Platform or willing to learn and become proficient. Basic knowledge of musical terminology.

Job Complexity

  • Ability to gracefully and effectively communicate and interact with individuals from all levels of ministry/leadership, with members, with outside venders, and/or others
  • Must understand the role of the Music & Arts Ministry and how it interfaces with and impacts other departments and ministries
  • Work requires initiative, flexibility, detail orientation, compassion and dedication to accuracy

Work Environment

  • Normal office and church environment; standard office hours and days (40 hours/week). This role also requires some non-standard hours in the evening and weekend related to weekly choir rehearsals, concerts and events. These non-standard hours vary significantly based on the season and event requirements.
  • Highly relational and people intensive; task and event-driven work load; Christ-centered

How to apply

Please email your cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Please note the job for which you are applying in the email. Thank you.